Nair Youth of North America

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Nair Youth of North America

Nair Youth of North America

Formed in 2017 to cater to the cultural, educational and other guidance of Nair youth in North America by 35 kids during NSS of NT Vishu celebrations. NYNA has been mentoring kids within and outside NSS organization as well as doing a lot of charity work on their own under NSS of NT guidance.


NYNA has three different groups to make it relevant for the age groups and also do work in projects which are age appropriate.

NYNA - Kids

This mostly consists of kids of age 5 – 12 and they do various kids activities and charity work under the guidance of NSS NT committee and NYNA Teen and NYNA – Youth. They are a bunch of very enthusiastic kids who will bring NSS families a lot of proud in the coming years

NYNA – Teen

A critical section of Teens in this group who work together under the guidance of NSS NT committee coordinator and NYNA – Youth team mentors. They organize many charity events as well as educational sessions for Teens [usually kids up to Seniors in HS]

NYNA – Youth

NSS – Youth are a team of young adults who are in college and beyond, ready to contribute back to the community and also mentor kids within NSS and beyond. They have conducted mentorship and guidance camps using social media and ZOOM sessions.

If you are interested to participate in any of these activities, please contact us at