Preserving our culture is one of NSS North Texas’s vision and Madhuram Malayalam is an effort to sustain our rich culture through our language Malayalam. Language classes play a significant role in a person’s social and emotional development. Being bilingual or multilingual has been proven to improve memory, enhance critical – thinking skills and encourage creativity. It is said that the native languages will become extinct in a span of twenty years, unless the next generation speak, read or write it. Hence, teaching the native language to the next generation becomes a necessity rather than a choice.


Started in 2017 at the temple premises of Sri Ganesha temple, Madhuram Malayalam is an initiative by Nair Service Society of North Texas to introduce and inculcate Malayalam language and culture to next generation. From 20 students in the first batch right now we have more than hundred enthusiastic students who attend via virtual class rooms with more than 95% attendance rate. A team of volunteers from NSS of North Texas take time to prepare and make sure the quality of our classes are best in the world and we are proud of this effort. We follow Allen ISD annual schedule to align our kids school studies and other plans.


‘Madhuram Malayalam – Mindful Malayalam’ is our motto. We enable our kids to mindfully relish and cherish the language. Instead of restricting our kids to translations, we open a new world of words for them to frame their thoughts. Along with mastering the letters & syllables, our goal is to maintain the interest in learning & exploring the region, art forms and literature.  Through our classes, we bridge the gap between cultures and generations. We encourage our students to explore Malayalam through short stories, poems and stay connected to the roots.


Madhuram Malayalam is also recognised by Malayalam Mission and we are exploring how we can align the curriculums while not losing the need and identity of kids living and studying in North America. We are excited to guide them along this journey back to the roots.