Our Mission

To promote association of Nair community globally and supplement activities of other Nair Service organizations to further religious, economic, cultural, educational and intellectual growth and to maintain identity, unity, and friendship among the members and be a part of the Global or National Nair Service organizations.

Objectives of NSSNT

  • Provide a non-political forum to bring together people of Nair community and strengthen the common bonds of culture, tradition and way of life
  • Provide a forum for Nairs to meet and discuss the religious, cultural, and social needs of the community
  • Work for the uplift of Nair Community and represent the members in all matters involving the Nair community.
  • Provide the members and their family an environment to establish network among the Nair families and Collect, create, and maintain a directory of all Nair families and their roots in Kerala
  • Provide the benefits of history of Nair community, culture, and their rich heritage to the members at large, their families and children
  • Create and promote women and youth activities to develop and promote leadership qualities.

  • Identify, extol, and publish the procedures of Nair religious practices from birth to death.
  • Work as a complementing organization to other Hindu sister organizations.
  • Provide intellectual and economic assistance, upon availability of resources, to needy Nair members all over the world
  • To establish and promote educational and other service oriented institutions to help Nair members (in particular) all over the world.
  • Organize activities and raise finances for the successful implementation of the objectives.
  • Provide a public forum to bring all Nair families in North America