The objectives of the Nair Service Society (N.S.S.)

Under the leadership of Sri. Mannathu Padmanabhan and the other 13 Founders had given the shape of the N.S.S. by taking an Oath that “I will incessantly think and make efforts for the progress of the Nair Community. But in those efforts will do nothing to provocate the other Communities.” It is quite natural to occur changes in the mode and the ways of such efforts for the progress of the Community with lapse of time. During the early periods, the Founders paid more attention to eradicate the causes of social depression existed in the Community.

We may refer to the biography of Sri. Mannathu Padmanabhan in which he has mentioned about the luxurious way of life of Nair who were pleasure seeking which made them lazy and lost their industriousness. By imbibing the old high-handedness of their forefathers, they began to make quarrels between themselves as a way of life.

Almost all the families were descending at a great speed towards the bottom level without any family leadership due to superstitious beliefs, unnecessary customary luxurious celebrations and matrilineal hierarchy which was not practical according to the social situation even in those days. He has also mentioned about the so called "Nalukettu". These four knots were "Case kettu" - the bundles of litigations, "Thalikettu" child marriage, "Kuthira kettu" - processions with decorated idols of horses and “Vedi kettu” - the fireworks.